Loose Associations Vol.2 Issue 1: The winter edition of The Photographers’ Gallery’s new publication on image culture

Loose Associations Vol.2 Issue 1

The second instalment of Loose Associations is here. Order your copy from our online bookstore, or visit our galleries in central London.

This issue takes memory, revolution and resolution as points of departure, with specific reference to the archival practice of Brazilian artist Rosângela Rennó, Sean Sexton’s eclectic and extensive collection of Irish photographic history and the pioneering colour work of New York artist Saul Leiter.

Luke Dodd, curator of The Easter Rising 1916 currently on view at t.p.g., and Roy Foster, Carroll Professor of Irish History at the University of Oxford, have both contributed essays on the rebellion against British rule that took place in Dublin on Easter Monday 1916. Acclaimed photography critic for The Guardian, Sean O’Hagan, adds to the writing on 1916 with a personal account of his experience growing up in Dublin. Brett Rogers, Director of The Photographers’ Gallery, writes on the alchemy of the late New York photographer Saul Leiter’s colour work alongside a special section of colour plates beautifully reproduced in the central pages of this issue.

Art historian and writer Isobel Whitelegg, along with t.p.g. curator Karen McQuaid, both contribute essays on the work of Brazilian artist Rosangela Rennó. In addition to these considerations of social and political histories and analogue archives, Katrina Sluis and Sam Mercer from our digital curatorial team contribute writing on the polemics of Powerpoint, Microsoft’s ubiquitous slideshow software and the ghosting around that goes on inside the Snapchat app. Finally, we consider — and experiment with — the idea of the New Year Resolution in the form of short essays and images by artists and writers Daniel C. Blight, Jonathan Shaw, Janice McLaren, Sarah Allen, Alison Rossiter, Chloe Dewe Mathews, Jesse Darling, Martina Lindqvist and Eva Stenram.

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