Brigitte Woischnik on Saul Leiter: Retrospective

It’s only recently that Saul Leiter (1923-2013) has received due recognition for his pioneering role in the emergence of colour photography. He moved to New York intent on becoming a painter, yet ended up working for magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Elle and British Vogue and became known for his impressionistic colour street scenes.
Co-Curator Brigitte Woischnik discusses his work and legacy, featured in the exhibition Saul Leiter: Retrospective at The Photographers’ Gallery from 22 January until 3 April 2016.

Saul Leiter: Retrospective curated by Ingo Taubhorn and Brigitte Woischnik
In collaboration with the Deichtorhallen Hamburg – House of Photography

One Comment

  1. Infiniment merci pour cette remarquable présentation
    de l’Oeuvre somptueuse de Saul LEITER

    Hervé GOUBE

    P.S. J’avais deviné son admiration éperdue pour BONNARD…
    Saul LEITER mêle comme personne une Rigueur d’Architecte, une Douceur de Peintre…
    Si…comme BRANCUSI !

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