Loose Associations Vol.1 – A New Publication From The Photographers’ Gallery

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Loose Associations is a new publication from The Photographers’ Gallery. Produced quarterly, in novella format, it offers a subjective and varied set of reflections on photography and image culture.

Loosely inspired by the gallery’s activities, this collection of essays, images, philosophies, fictions and other observations reflect a commitment to words and images; photography, publishing and distribution; thought and process. Through an eclectic mix of forms and styles this publication hopes to draw attention to ideas around photography and image-making and provoke new thinking within its myriad contexts and cultures: traditional, experimental, digital, networked.

The first edition takes the Autumn 2015 programme as a point of departure, presenting essays written and visual, accompanied by both loose and precise associations between ideas, technologies and approaches to making work. As well, we offer a collection of lists from various contributors. These seemingly random inventories – artistic, literary, absurd, political, banal, personal – offer an insight into the meaningful, inspiring, irrelevant or disruptive things and events encountered whilst working.

Visit our online store to purchase this publication, or pick it up at our bookshop or reception desk.

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