Sea Men: Billy Bolton and Joe Wilson go in search of England

SEA MEN is a collection of short documentaries filmed on the English coast, chronicling encounters with men and boys, and their relationship to the places they inhabit.

“The project was undertaken during various trips to the coast, each time to a new location around England.  Each video comprises of an encounter with a complete stranger and a selection of landscapes and details related to this meeting which once assembled form a vignette of that moment.

From the outset we wanted the films to contain slow meditative takes, like those we had seen in Gideon Koppel’s Sleep Furiously, undeniably the driving force behind the whole project. As a proponent of ‘slow cinema’ he utilised a quiet and contemplative photographic method, stopping to appreciate the everyday activities, and the more unassuming among us.

We took advantage of the long shots, and used them to allow reflection on the stories told which, although never very sad, seemed to permeate the struggles of day to day existence. Although the videos are never more than five minutes, we can gain an understanding of the men from the few words we share with them. By standing still for a while and allowing life to play out in front of us we would often be presented with moments of misfortune or juxtaposition. The basketball player completely missing the hoop, the plane plummeting to the earth, all reminiscent of the bizarre scenes in Andrew Kotting’s Gallivant, constructed to offset the sadness of the demise of his daughter and grandmother.”

Billy Bolton and Joe Wilson 

Please note: the film contains strong language some people might find offensive.

The individual films can be watched here and further work by the two photographers/filmmakers can be found via the following links:

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